Trina Brink 
Makeup Artist with knowledge in Hair, Spfx, and Film/Tv
Beautifully. You.
Aproaching a decade of working in the film and television industry, I find varity makes every day; a day to be enjoyed and loved. From aliens in ​​Defiance, to demons in Buckout Road, to medical situations in Hard Rock Medical, to laughter in Letterkenny. I love this job!  There is a saying that fits very well with KEY makeup artists. Keep Educating Yourself. Its a great saying that reminds you that there is always something new to learn. Therefore I love collaborations, working under someone with more experience than me and team effort work. I'm open, friendly, and would love to work with you.
Letterkenny revolves around the antics of the residents of a small rural Canadian community called Letterkenny.

With 2 Wins, one being  2017's Writers Guild of Canada- Best TV Comedy  and 7 Nominations including
Best Comedy show- Canadian Comedy Awards (2016)

An adaptation of Giles Blunt's award-winning mystery novel Forty Words for Sorrow, the series stars Billy Campbell as John Cardinal and Karine Vanasse as Lise Delorme, detectives investigating the murder of a young girl in Algonquin Bay.

With 3 Wins and 4 Noninations
"An urban couple go camping in the woods and find themselves lost in the territory of a predatory black bear."

Nominated for 3 awards, including a Canadian Screen Award for best Acheivment in Make up!
David Scott & Trina Brink